Warrior for Love

A broken man carried scars on his hands,
Scars on his brow,
We broke bread and drank some wine.

He spoke of his battle –
Fought against darkness,
In the desert beyond the city.

“We all must fight,” said he,
“Not with cannons not with shot,
But with our prayers, our hearts, our hands, our minds.

Fight the invaders of our sacred territory,
The nightmare gangs which stalk our souls.”

“We all must sing,” said he,
“Of joy and victory,
Songs of comradeship
As we journey through this desert place.”

“We all must watch,” said he,
“Watch and pray for those we love,
Nurture the glowing fire of life,
That lights this pilgrimage through tears.”

Though no guns fire,
The war will never cease,
Till peace flowers –
A radiant blossom in each heart.