A Child in Every Heart

There is a child in every heart,
That is somehow left behind,
In a stable,
Or in the bulrushes,
Or deliberately lost on some scraggy hillside.

A dependent child,
That gazes in wonder at moonlight,
That disturbs the fitful sleep of so called maturity.

A child kicking to be reborn,
When drudgery steals that yearning for adventure Ė
A child clasping your hand
To guide you to wonders of creation.

A child who sees fresh colours,
When all has faded into monochrome familiarity,
Who finds a miracle in the riotous melody of dawn.

A child who awakes to seek treasure,
Fight a battle,
Fall in love.
While the adult shuffles through misty routines.
Familiar headlines of broken promises,
Broken dreams, broken homes, broken lives.

The child hears a symphony,
Composed of promises of dreams fulfilled.

There is a child inside your heart,
Who can build a rainbow,
Out of threads you took to be
The strands of loss