Joy Exists in Deepest Pain

Joy Exists in Deepest Pain,
And finds the rainbow in the rain.

The Lord can light the darkest place
With the wonders of His love and grace.

He can transform the bleakest day
And leads us on a better way.

Beauty will emerge from sorrow,
Hope will always come tomorrow.

Though the desert takes its toll,
He leads us on to make us whole.

He comes to meet us in our need,
And from our fetters we are freed.

From self's dark prison we are released,
Famine transformed into a feast.

How glorious are his wondrous ways
No matter what a cruel world says.

His way is best, though people sneer,
It is only God who halts the fear.

He reaches out to seek the lost
And never will He count the cost.

Yet Jesus died to set us free,
To abundant life He holds the key.