Building a Cathedral

I worship God by working stone,
More to be said than by words alone.
I reach for Him with my strong hands,
He strengthens me, He understands.

This block of stone becomes a song,
Which will reach the skies before too long.
Yet this grand church is small to Him,
Merely a speck, a tiny limb.

God is greater than this work of man,
Working to a mightier plan.
I may never see my work complete,
But God’s great work does not retreat.

These walls and pillars cannot contain
The truth of God that will remain.
When this great building falls to dust,
Yet God is faithful and He is just.

I am but a stone in God’s great work,
I may falter, but He won’t shirk.
The cornerstone is His own Son;
Through Him, His work is always done.