The Star

A new star is born in the heavens,
A messenger for our tortured Earth.
A light to shine for all nations,
A symbol of sacred new birth.

Homeless guest in this journey of sorrow.
Visiting our anguish and shame.
Radiant promise of tomorrow,
That tells the Messiah has come.

Star shine into our sickness and darkness,
Dispel our fears and our grief.
Kindle our fears into courage
And spark our trust and belief.

Shine over our slavery and warfare.
Give birth to a vision of truth.
Radiate through divisions and barriers
And unite all the people of Earth.

Remove our concealed guilty secrets,
Chase away those shadows of fear,
Bring comfort where hope is exhausted
And shine when disaster is near.

A small child was born in a stable,
An outcast where thereís no room for God.
Divine light in a second hand cradle,
Bringing peace to the broken and lost.