No Room

As the days grow shorter, thereís still no room.
Left in the dark, denied a warm home.
The Son of God inconveniently born.
A refugee from glory torn.

The Word of Life, a vulnerable child.
Creator of all, by the people reviled.
A light to the nations, hidden away,
But His birth announces such a glorious day.

Jesus will never turn you aside.
All you will need, His love will provide.
Our Saviour born in seeming disgrace
To die a cruel death by taking our place.

As Christmas comes, is there room in our lives,
Or do we pass by the stable with sightless eyes,
Only aware of what we possess,
Which is nothing but rubbish or phoney success? .

Trust in a baby, hidden from view,
Forgotten by many, adored by a few,
Who will grow to be the meaning of living,
Our wounds He will heal, our sins forgiving.