The Pearl

Everything lost with a throw of the dice,
Christís love a painful sacrifice.
To confound the wise and bring hope to fools,
Building a Kingdom with Godís precious tools.

Why? The question everyone asks.
But God works beyond your one simple task.
For Jesus this pearl of incalculable price,
Worth this seemingly meaningless sacrifice.

A pearl so radiant with awesome light.
Illuminating the horror of humanityís night.
A pearl so precious with promise of new life,
Scattering our bitterness, ending our strife.

When all seems lost, there is a pearl for you,
Immaculate, beautiful, glorious and true.
For Jesus is with you in your darkest hour,
Healing your wounds by His grace and His power.

So when clouds block your vision,
And those doubts crowd and choke.
Jesus is praying with those words that He spoke,
ďI am with you always, so come follow me.Ē
A pearl of great price that sets people free.