Light Came at Christmas

The darkness gathers, so they say,
But glorious light will come our way;
Light so pure we shield our eyes,
Illuminating our frail disguise.

Shining clear, a guiding star
Shows the way, however far.
Hidden in a borrowed manger
A child is born, a holy stranger.

Able to conquer sin and pain,
A king is born - born to reign.
Beyond the splendour of a palace,
Subject to the darkest malice.

God's glorious light does not go down
Though cruel thorns will be His crown.
Darkness tortures but does not last.
With the light of Jesus it has passed.

God is vast, too large to hold,
Yet now a child a few hours old,
A baby born outside a home
But mightier than the power of Rome.

So fragile in a draughty manger,
Sovereign Lord, a homeless stranger.
Angels raise their voice in praise.
God is with us all our days.

A tiny breathing slip of life
Will bring peace to endless strife.
Power so great, a child so small
Who breaks the spell of mankind's fall.

Jesus, Word of God so high,
Born so we won't have to die.
Glorious Lord, so strong and true
All our hopes are found in You.