The Mountain

To let go –
And climb the mountain of faith,
Is the hardest journey
I undertake.

But at the peak of the mountain –
Above the clouds –
I am inspired
With the pure air
Of true security in the Lord.

As I climb,
My burden is heavy,
I want to follow a gentler path.

But from nowhere and everywhere,
Your Spirit comes to carry my burden.

To reach you Lord –
I travel through the clouds and fog
Of my dimly lit imagination

Your Word is my map and compass,
Yet I so easily lose my bearings.

But you, Lord Jesus,
Are guiding me with your Spirit,
Opening my eyes to pierce the fog,
Opening my eyes to your radiant glory.

Lord Jesus I invite you –
To climb my personal mountains with me,
And by your holy power,
Transform them into molehills.