God in the Storm

When trouble comes what can we do,
Turn and run or push on through?

The Lord's great strength and wisdom pure
Provides a hand to hold when we're not sure,

Which way to turn in life's great maze
To steer our course through unclear days.

Tragedy is never far from home,
It clings to us how far we roam.

There is much we cannot understand,
About all the things that God has planned.

Our big ideas are small to Him,
His purpose overrides each whim.

We see a fraction of the whole,
His glorious kingdom is the goal.

So perfect is His mighty plan,
Beyond the scope of sinful man.

Our prayers don't vanish into space
God knows each trial that we face.

The mind of God knows all our fears
And He will wash away our tears.

His love can reach the darkest place
And light it up through his great grace.