Like each snowflake, you're unique,
Wonder in the words you speak.
God designed you with great care,
There's no one like you anywhere.

That special piece Ė life is complete,
The only you that I will meet.
When pressure tries to squeeze that mould
A glorious person will unfold.

We have our flaws, we have our fears
And before the laughter, there's the tears.
But you're accepted in God's sight
You do not have to start a fight.

Just accept His love and grace
That longs to heal the human race.
A miracle of God's great love
Don't look around but look above.

Jesus takes that sin and pain
Washing spotless every stain.
Sets you free from frightened masks
To trust in Him is all He asks.

To grow and flourish in His hands
He is the one who understands.