The Voyage

It is a voyage through uncharted seas
Where our trusted Saviour holds the keys.

The storm is raging, waves so tall
Each fragile life just seems so small.

He holds the ocean in His hands.
The fog of life He understands.

He knows each struggling pilgrim well,
Sailing bravely through that swell.

He sees us when we are far from shore.
He is our peace when life is war.

He guides us through each calm and storm.
Our love grows cold, His love stays warm.

The awesome fire of God's great love,
So strong and sure that does not move.

With each new current of man's mind
If you search for Him, His truth you'll find.

Treasure more than hordes of gold
That leaves the latest fashions old.

Eternal truth not run aground
On empty words that lose their sound.

He is the pilot for our way
To a glorious, radiant, brand-new day.