Godís Christmas Gift

God loved enough to send His Son
To free us from the evil one.

Born in a humble, makeshift place
He could have been lost, without a trace.

But Godís plan is marvellous Ė so are His ways.
This child is born to give us grace.

Vulnerable Jesus is Godís great gift
To turn the tide of humanityís drift.

He comes to seek and save the lost;
No price to pay but measureless cost.

Jesus is born in that cold stable,
Helpless boy Ė but more than able

To transform the lives of sin-bound men
Forever, not just now and then.

A baby who grows to light the way
For many who will bless this day.

The birth of Jesus brings great light
That shines into our darkest night.

Christmas shows us Godís great love.
He came to earth from heaven above.