The Good Shepherd

In our weakness, God is strong,
It is in His grace that we belong.
As strangers in a hostile place,
His love creates a sacred space.

In His care we are not alone,
As we worship round His glorious throne
Jesus comes and walks with men,
Every day, not now and then.

He is the door to glorious life
Which overcomes the pain and strife.
He heals the wounds of gathered sin
And lights the darkness thatís within.

A still small voice that speaks of hope
When this cruel world is beyond our scope,
It is He who bids the chaos go
And builds a home where we can grow.

His love can warm our inmost hearts,
Confusion ends and pain departs.
We are so small, He is so great
The shepherd standing at the gate.

He searches for each sheep thatís lost
And saves them through His glorious cross.