Crossing the Desert

Crossing the desert seems so hard
With each escape route locked and barred.

Every prayer a grain of sand,
You feel that God can't understand.

Mirages come and go like dreams,
Fading away as dried up streams.

Illusions of plenty fall through your hand
Carried away from this poor land.

There seems no hope, but God is there.
His Spirit searching everywhere.

For that lost sheep who strayed away
As precious to Him as those that stay.

It is in the desert that we grow
But God's refreshment seems so slow.

He cares for you poor seeking child
And wants you to be reconciled.

This harsh, cruel world has no relief
For those who've abandoned all belief.

But God is closer than at first
With living streams to quench your thirst.

The desert flowers with God's glory.
He seeks your love to share his story.